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Name:Got a smile on my face and four walls around me
Birthdate:May 30
Location:United States of America

Interests (115):

4n6, absolute destinies, american gods, apollo justice!!1!, arr, bad cgi dinosaurs, being awesome, being much more special, biz: greatest mod ever, boys, bullets and booms, but he's 6'5!!!!, campfuckudie, ceiling mia is watching..., cello, cfud, d20s, dammit kishimoto!, dante, deigo armando's invisible mexistache, desu, devil may cry, dinosaurs in space, disgaea, emo goth ninjas, ferngully, gai's enormous penis, gay lawyers, getbacker, getting lost, girls, gojyo's eight testicles, gratuitous faggotry, hoisting colors and soforth, hunting demons, jay and silent bob, jesus!!!, kakashi/gai, katy/jamie tinhattery, kon/buffy, lady, laserdragon, lawyerhet ends in murder, ljmaps_hermisia, lol whut, lunar, making love to boots, marlle kingdom, mercury, metal gear solid, mists of avalon, mocking ayn rand, more like a nonja, mr. wednesday, mythology, naked cartwheels, neglecting reality, neil gaimon, never been to boston, not being a lesbian, not being heterosexual, now it's in space, objection!, paying rent sometimes, pirates, pooootaaatoooo, potc pairing names suck, princess tutu, psyonic minotaurs, pudding, puppy's neckmeat, robowolf, rum, runes, sailor moon, salty old men, saving the world, sea gendo, shitting bri/x/, snake's rampant faggotry, socialism, squid hates whale, stories, tactical espionage action, terre d'ange, that bird, the action button, the goddamn batman, the goddess, the hobodome, the jolly roger, the kindly ones, the lady, the moon, the northwest passage, the scent of roses, the ulterior motive of symbiosis, thinking of england, tiny cthulhu fairies, tiny loud morons, tmnt, tragic potato-sue, ur mom lol, urban fantasy, valkyrie, various fictional al gores, very fine hats, video games, voracious piety, wee and tender faggots, whale hates squid, what am i supposed to do with this cicken?, winco ♥ me, young justice, yzak is gay
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