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GUYS IT'S TIME FOR US ALL TO REPLAY PHOENIX WRIGHT AND LOVE IT REALLY HARD AGAIN I am saying this not just because I apped to Aather and if I get in I am hoping to some day have canon mates. No I am saying it because Phoenix Wright is amazing and your life will be improved by playing it again. Also now that it is out not just for the (super cheap) Nintendo DS, but also downloadable as Wiiware or as an app for your iOS device it is easier than ever to get in on this.

This post will be free of any major spoilers.

So the Phoenix Wright games (or Ace Attorney to include the spin-off/sequel games) are a series of puzzle games/visual novelish game published by Capcom, but created by Type Moon, and part of the larger "Nasuverse" which contains Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Kara no Kyokai, Kyo Kara Maou and Twin Peaks.

Several (but not many) years in the future, California has become indistinguishable from Japan. People drive on the wrong side of the street and watch lots of Tokusatsu shows for no good reason. It's chaos, but what's more concerning is that no one ever seems to mention it at all. THUS BEGINS OUR MYSTERY

The main character is Maya Fey:
Don't let the dumb hairstyle fool you. She is one tough broad.
She comes from one of the Japanisest of all Californian families, and left her home to find the cause of this strange affliction. She solves other mysteries and fights crime while battling her crippling addition to ground beef.

Then we have the titular Mr. Phoenix Wright:
You can ignore his dumb hair too
Maya's childhood best friend and Accountabilabuddy in her twelve-step program. He's also (pretty obviously) the main romance option, as he an Maya bone pretty much constantly through every "true" ending. As well as helping Maya seek answers to the strange happenings in California, Phoenix enjoys finding people who are trying to frame other people for murder and then framing the framers for even MORE murder. It's a time-consuming hobby.

Then we get MILES EDGEWORHT!!!
His hair is aight.
Maya's childhood best friend and the aloof ~dark horse~ romance option. He is an old ally of her family's and deeply invested in her safety. He believes that the best way to keep her protected is to get her framed for murder and thrown in jail. Over the course of the series, he and Phoenix develop a deep and extremely platonic respect for each other.

Then Miss Mia Fey:
Also good hair!
Maya's older sister and the primary antagonist(!?!?) for most of the series. She has been known to hijack Maya's body from time to time. Her true motives are unknown, because she's a ghost, and no one has any idea what ghosts are all about. They're just spooky, man. What are her actual goals? Why is she a ghost? How did her bust go up two full cups between the ages of 23 and 27?? At least one of those questions will be quazi-answered.

A pigeon. You guys love that shit, right? Pigeons? PLAY PHOENIx WRIGHT.

Franziska von Karma:
Maya's childhood best friend and Love Rival. She has her perfectly perfect eyes set on Maya's wide harem of murder suspects. She is also heir to the von Karma Sliding Paper Door dynasty, a powerful conglomerate that was on the brink of bankruptcy when California's cultural revolution took full force. HMMMMM.

Anyway, there's more to this girl than meets the eye, unless your eye noticed her whip. Then you've pretty much got a solid read on the situation.

Lotta Heart:
Just. Just no.
Is not a character that appears in this series at any time. Thank. God.

Oh helllllls yes :3c
A Gundam pilot.

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